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The Stark Protocol - More Options

Updated: Jan 23

After thousands of fasts and GOING INTO OUR FIFTH year, we have a better idea of what people need. Here is our new pricing allows options for everyone to participate in what we think is the worlds best Master Class on fasting.

  • Get very clear if you should water fast, or do a whole foods fasting mimicking diet

  • Understand the power of not eating, or reducing calories to your immune system, brain and gut health

  • Understand how you can stop inflammation

  • Know the effect of: Time Restricted Feeding, Intermittent Fasting, Prolonged Fasting

  • Know the effects of a Whole Foods Plant Based diet and the science behind longevity and disease prevention, reversal and cure.

  • Have a community of like-minded people who care about your success in mastering this information and coming out the other side in better health than you could ever have imagined!

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