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Dr. Patterson Stark, BSc, D.C. FASLM, DipASLM, DipABAAHP

The Concept of Lifestyle Medicine stands on the shoulders of these giants! 

  • T.  Colin Campbell, PhD

  • Dear Ornish, MD, FACLM

  • Michael Greger, MD, FACLM

I acknowledge my mentors with heartfelt gratitude for their lifetimes of contribution to mankind.


Born and raised in California Patterson has been located in  Christchurch New Zealand for the last 22 of his 34 years in New Zealand.  The ideals of "Stark Health" are dedicated to Lifestyle education and leadership for patients and physician training alike, worldwide.  

Stark's aims are to empower to prevent, reverse, or manage chronic degenerative conditions with evidence-based science and compassion. This encompasses the best of holistic modalities like diet, exercise, stress reduction and sleep hygiene to name a few. 


Patterson Stark is USA-trained and Board Certified as a Chiropractor, in California, Colorado, and New Zealand.  A Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and double board certified health practitioner in Lifestyle Medicine and Anti Ageing Medicine.  Board Certified Chiropractor in New Zealand and has at one time or another been board eligibility in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Women’s and Men’s Health as a sub-Speciality.  Patterson is now sharpening his knives for certification in Culinary Medicine and diabeties reversal certification. 


Clinician, Author, Video-Blogger, Motivational Speaker, avid E-Mountain Biker (sponsored by Specialized Bikes), Surfer, SUP Surfer, hiker, lover of all nature, and Paraglider, Patterson hopes to live the lifestyle he teaches -


V -He is a Vegan by choice - more specifically “Whole Food - Plant-Based without SOS - Sugar Oil or Salt, BUT you don't have to be -  maintains a BMI of 21 and body fat of 5% FYI.


He is in his 10’680 days from his 100th year on this planet as of this writing. 

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