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Professional Services to Choose From

  • The Lifestyle Intensive

    Review of ALL medical records, Comprehensive Intake and Physical Examination
    Valid for 12 months
    • 4hrs: History, Goals, & Lifestyle Rx for Optimal Health
    • 1hr Review of all available medical records, images, labs
    • .5hr Detailed intake form identifying your-current health
    • 1.5hr Comprehensive physical examination,
    • .5hr Counselling for paced adaptation of + Lifestyle
    • .5hr Report details of diagnostics and LM suggestion
    • Included: Follow up lifestyle videos for 1 year
    • Included: Dr Stark's Motivational Video's for 1 year
    • Included: Referral letter to Specialist when required
    • Included: Copy of LM report to GP or practitioner of choice
    • Not Included: Blood, Biome, Hormone, Imaging tests 1-3k/year
    • Not Included: Prescription supplements 1-2K/year
    • Not Included: Follow up .5hr coaching $200 (3-6) year est,
    • Included: Blog subscriptions - latest information
    • Included: FaceBook private community by Dr Stark
    • First to be informed of events by the Stark Community
  • Stark Protocol Master Class

    Stark Fasting Master Class - 7 days, 1 hour each recorded with all materials provided
    Valid for 30 days
    • Zoom Class 1 time payment, that has the following
    • 3 day water fast and 3 day reboot diet
    • 5 day whole-foods fasting mimicking diet
    • Workbooks and Notes - So you don't have to.
    • eBook on Fasting $10 value
    • Private Facebook group
    • Medically supervised - each person cleared to participate
    • Knowledge, Community, Support, RESULTS!
  • 60 Mins w/ Dr Stark

    Carefully listening, I give you lifestyle options to use now
    • Before we begin, we review your 16 page intake form.
    • Based on Intake we zero-in and "unpack" to your story.
    • We look at your family and personal medical history.
    • We find out what motivates you to change.
    • We set specific recommendations, referrals, and actions.
    • Free copy of our eBook "Live Now-Die Later, Starkhealth"
    • 1 hour can change your life. Find out how.
    • Health crisis - is it possible to stop, reverse or cure it?
    • This is a Chiropractic Lifestyle Medical Interview/Consult
    • Expect to hear options that you may not have before!
    • Get nothing out of the hour? Just ask for a refund - easy.
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST
  • 30 mins w/ Dr Stark

    Your goals, the lifestyle to achieve them, back by Science
    • Review of your person health and family history
    • Review of your health understanding and current challenges
    • Suggestions as to where to start your journey
    • Will the right diet help you?
    • Will exercise hurt or help your particular circumstance?
    • Is stress killing you?
    • Can you learn in online environment with others support?
    • How motivated are you to have vibrant health?
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST
  • 'Live Now' Paperback

    "Live Now - Die Later, StarkHealth" by Dr. Patterson Stark
    • Paperback - second printing, inspiring story gives hope!
    • How did Patterson almost die?
    • How did he learned the lifestyle of the ancients to live?
    • Can you use what he discovered in your life?
    • Why have you not heard this information before?
    • Get your life back on track - everyone can!
    • Have certainty on how to take care of your body
    • Leave a legacy of health to your loved ones
    • Includes GST and Shipping in New Zealand
    • International - GO TO:, Live-Now-Die-Later-doctor
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST
  • Ebook "Live Now"....

    Live Now - Die Later, Starkhealth
    • Second Edition Ebook as on Amazon
    • STARK - Learn how to uncluttered your approach to health
    • NAKED - Learn Dr Stark's raw story of survival
    • REALITY - This is a universal story we all share>
    • Motivation comes from many ways - this may be the one!
    • Evidence-based Science is wha Lifestyle Medicine rocks!
    • All prices are in NZD inclusive of GST.
    • Unhappy in any way - I will refund your hard earned $
  • The Stark Protocol EZ$

    Every month
    Diet & Water fasting Group Master Class!
    Valid for 3 months
    • A Supervised Virtual ZOOM, Guided Master Class in Fasting
    • The 7-Day MC Includes a Fast or WF Fasting Mimicking Diet
    • Evidence-based Science, SAFE, usable day-to-day!
    • eBook provided by Dr Stark. 3 Days to Better Health
    • WorkBook - What to eat when you break the fast and more
    • What to expect during the fast. As it happens.
    • Fasting and Plant Based Diets protocols provided
    • Over 3-years of success, great ZOOM Community, Private.
    • NOTE: 4 days prior to the fast you will begin modifying diet
    • During the fast - contact Starkhealth anytime with Q's!
    • Join our PRIVATE Facebook group for more fasting tips
    • FB LINK
  • Personal Protocol

    Every month
    Your Schedule with Personal Access to Dr Stark
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3-Day Water Fast and 3- Day Reboot diet - Video's Daily or
    • 5-Day Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet - 7Days of Vids
    • Dr Stark will be on call during your 7 day Master Class
    • Choose anytime in the next 3 months to start
    • Bonus - Drop into LIVE Sessions When you Can.
    • Dr Stark is just a TXT or Call Away at Anytime!
    • BONUS - Videos Included of The Next Live Session.
    • Experienced? Have the safety of Dr S on call when fasting
    • All will be medically cleared before you start the fast
    • If Not Safe For You - Payment Will Be Refunded Immediately
  • 4x Stark Protocol EZ$

    Every month
    All 4 Yearly Master Classes - Dedicated Fasters Discount
    Valid for 12 months
    • Low Monthly Fee includes, 4 Master Classes in a Row
    • Do either, Flexible Protocol anytime or Regular Master Class
    • Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet or 3- day Water Fast
    • Mix and match throughout the year, gain self care experience
    • Get Our Motivational Video's and Emails at no extra cost
    • Be a part of our Private, Supportive FaceBook Community
    • Strive for a Long Healthy Life with Like Minded People
    • Everyone Deserves a Great Healthy Lifestyle - It Starts Here
    • Knowledge - Motivation - Support - RESULTS
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