Professional Services to Choose From

  • 60 Mins w/ Patterson

    Carefully listening, I give you lifestyle options to use now
    • Before we begin, we review your 16 page intake form.
    • Based on Intake we zero-in and "unpack" to your story.
    • We look at your family and personal medical history.
    • We find out what motivates you to change.
    • We set specific recommendations, referrals, and actions.
    • Free copy of our eBook "Live Now-Die Later, Starkhealth"
    • 1 hour can change your life. Find out how.
    • Health crisis - is it possible to stop, reverse or cure it?
    • This is a Chiropractic Lifestyle Medical Interview/Consult
    • Expect to hear options that you may not have before!
    • Get nothing out of the hour? Just ask for a refund - easy.
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST
  • 30 mins w/ Patterson

    A conversation about your goals and how we can help
    • Review of your person health and family history
    • Review of your health understanding and current chanllenges
    • Suggestions as to where to start your journey
    • Will the right diet help you?
    • Will exercise hurt or help your particular circumstance?
    • Is stress killing you?
    • Can you learn in online environment with others' support?
    • How motivated are you to have vibrant health?
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST
  • Water Fast OR WF-FMD

    MAY 19-25th
    Valid for 3 months
    • SIGN UP NOW - Get your spot and join our great people!.
    • Do the Virtual Recorded Class. Start Now to get on with it!
    • Can't Fast? Do The Fasting Mimicking Diet, 5 days with us!
    • Free Copy of The E Book: 3-Day Water Fast
    • Free Workbook with all the details
    • Ability to contact Dr Stark with questions during your fast
    • Access to Fasting Blog - Learn Tips from Others
    • MASTER CLASS in fasting or Whole Food Fasting Mimicking Diet
    • Did we mention it's FUN? Amazing - over the last 2.5 years!
    • A happening of caring with the science clearly explained
    • You will make new friends that support you in the process
    • OPTIONS: Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet - 5 Days
    • The WF-FMD ends the same day as the water fast
    • Both diets have the same menu on the last day !
    • Learn by doing. Feel better by choice!
  • E-book on Fasting

    Better Health in 3 Days - Water Fasting, a Global Solution
    • Learn the correct and safe way to Water-Fast
    • Learn about Time-Restricted Feeding and how best to use it
    • Learn about Intermittent Fasting and when to use it
    • Learn the correct ways to use Prolonged Fasting
    • Become a member of our site and stay up-to-date on Lifestyle
    • Be Safe and have confidence with Fasting and your Body
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, Inclusive of GST
  • Live Now Paperback

    "Live Now - Die Later, StarkHealth" by Dr. Patterson Stark
    • Paperback - second printing, inspiring story gives hope!
    • How did Patterson almost die?
    • How did he learned the lifestyle of the ancients to live?
    • Can you use what he discovered in your life?
    • Why have you not heard this information before?
    • Get your life back on track - everyone can!
    • Have certainty on how to take care of your body - job done!
    • Leave a legacy of health to your loved ones
    • Includes GST and Shipping in New Zealand
    • International - GO TO:, Live-Now-Die-Later-doctor
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, Inclusive of GST
  • Ebook "Live Now"....

    Live Now - Die Later, Starkhealth
    • Second Edition Ebook as on Amazon
    • STARK - Learn how to uncluttered your approach to health
    • NAKED - Learn Dr Stark's raw story of survival
    • REALITY - This is a universal story we all share>
    • Motivation comes from many ways - this may be the one!
    • Evidence-based Science is wha Lifestyle Medicine rocks!
    • All prices are in NZD inclusive of GST.
    • Unhappy in any way - I will refund your hard earned $

    Every month
    Raw Videos from The Stark Naked Reality to Inspire
    • Filmed outdoors and with stunning backdrops
    • Motivation for you to get out and check-in with yourself
    • Asking better questions every day can improve your life
    • Look at your world differently - Get Naked with Vision
    • Humour is everything: 2-3+ times per month
    • This is current Reality information you can trust.
    • Monthly low, low fee - you can stop at anytime.
    • Smile, pause. Videos are 1-2 minutes in total - just enough
    • Reserved for Elite Clients. "Insiders videos" are gems!
    • BONUS - additional 26 weeks of previous videos FYI!
    • All pricing is New Zealand dollars, Inclusive of GST
  • Self-Guided Fast

    Video Master Class, 3 day fasting - 3 days reboot diet.
    Valid for 3 months
    • This is your personal Master Class- videos each day
    • Understand what is happening and the science behind it
    • Dr Stark has 100s who have completed this master class
    • For your safety, you will be medically cleared
    • If you are not cleared - your fee will be refunded
    • Not happy with the program in any way? Fee refunded
    • You will receive an Ebook and Workbook to follow
    • What to eat when you break the fast is carefully advised
    • What to expect during the fast will be covered
    • Water fasting is an important tool in long-term healthcare
    • Congratulations in joining the Water Fasting Alumni
    • We have the only supervised Water Fast with proven results
    • NOTE: 4 days prior to the fast you will begin modifying diet
    • Plan for 20-minute videos daily and a 3 day pre-diet
    • During the course you can contact Dr Stark anytime with Q's!
    • Choose your start date, pay, get cleared and begin!
    • Watch our blogs on fasting for behind the scenes info

    5-Day Virtual, Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet
    Valid for one month
    • Video Introduction and written menus, workbooks etc.
    • Ability to contact Dr Stark during the fast
    • Medical clearance for your safety
    • 700-1000 Calories per day of Whole Food
    • Plant Based Menus provided with room to change menus
    • Excellent back up materials and links provided
    • WF-FMD is easier than water fasting for older people
    • WF-FMD is easier for those with certain health problems, ASK
    • WF-FMD can be used with multiple medications safely
    • Lose weight over 5 days, usually 3-5 kilos (6-10 lbs)
    • Learn the fundamentals of a plant-based diet
    • Improve your mental clarity and concentration
    • Lower you blood sugar naturally
    • Enhance your immunity and detox your body at the same time
    • Lower your cholesterol - usually better than medication
    • Eat 2-3 meals per day of great tasting / filling food
    • For peace of mind, Dr Stark will be available for questions
    • If it is deemed unsafe - your $ will be promptly refunded
  • Facebook Donation

    Dr Stark's Guided Fasting Lifestyle Community
    Valid for 3 months
    • Shared Medical Appointments by Dr Stark
    • Guidance with streaming content
    • Community Support and Recipes
    • Choose level of support