Professional Services to Choose From

  • 60 Mins. Dr Stark

    Your story - we listen and expand on new Lifestyle options
    • Before we begin, we review your 16 page intake form.
    • Based on Intake we zero in and "unpack" to your story.
    • We look at your family and personal medical history.
    • We find out what motivates you to change.
    • We set specific recommendations, referrals, and actions.
    • A copy of our eBook "Live Now-Die Later, Starkhealth"
    • 1 hour can change your life. Find out now.
    • Health crisis - is it possible to stop, reverse or cure it?
    • (all pricing is New Zealand dollars)
    • This is a Chiropractic Lifestyle Medical Interview/Consult
    • Expect to hear options that you may have not before!
    • Get nothing out of the hour - just ask for a refund - easy.
    • A higher level of care? - We credit $ paid to next level.
  • Book Sale On Now

    "Live Now - Die Later, StarkHealth" by Dr. Patterson Stark
    • Second printing, the story and how it began
    • How did Patterson almost die?
    • How did he learn to live?
    • What truths did he learn that you can use?
    • Why have you not heard this information before?
    • How do you get your life on track?
    • Can you have health certainty about your future?
    • How to leave a legacy of health to your loved ones!
    • Includes GST and Shipping in New Zealand
    • International - GO TO:, Live-Now-Die-Later-doctor
    • (all pricing is New Zealand dollars)
  • E-book on Fasting

    Better Health in 3 Days, Water Fasting, A Global Solution
    • Learn the correct and safe way to Water Fast
    • Learn about Time Restricted Feeding and how best to use it
    • Learn about Intermittent Fasting and when to use it
    • Learn the correct ways to use Prolonged Fasting
    • Become a member of our site and stay up-to-date on Lifestyle
    • Be Safe and have confidence with Fasting and your Body
    • (all pricing is New Zealand dollars)

    26 Weekly SHORT Videos from Dr. Stark - Inspire & Motivate
    • Mostly filmed outdoors and with stunning backdrops
    • Motivation for you to get out and check in with yourself
    • Asking better questions every day can improve your life
    • Look at the world through a different lens
    • Humour is everything!
    • These are the best of the Archives - you will love it.
    • Please share these with your Tribes! 8-)
    • Most are 1-2 minutes in total - just enough!
    • (all pricing is New Zealand dollars)
  • 2021 LIFESTYLE W.O.F

    For Existing Patients and Those Already Living the Lifestyle
    • Key Blood Tests to find your optimum - $375 Value, Included
    • 2 Hour Consultation, Physical & Lifestyle Examination
    • Review of 16 Page Intake of Personal and Family History
    • Consultation is Recorded and Transcribed for You
    • Six Months of Weekly Inspirational Videos to Help Focus
    • "3 Days to Better Health" A Guide to Water Fasting - ebook
    • Written Summary with Your New Goals
    • (all pricing in New Zealand dollars)

    Prevent, Reverse & Cure Chronic Conditions with Dr Stark
    Valid for 8 months
    • 16 Page Intake Form to get your accurate History
    • 2 Hour Initial Meeting, Examination, History +Defining Goals
    • 50 Laboratory tests after examination
    • Installation of Findings 2 Hours - Recorded for you
    • 20-30 Page Workbook with All Physical and Lab results
    • Personalised Video Education; Diet, Exercise, Stress, Sleep
    • Copy of paperback, "Live Now-Die Later, Starkhealth"
    • 16 weekly coaching sessions - objective followups
    • 24/7 ability to contact Dr Stark with questions
    • Referral to specialists in your area if necessary
    • Support to Stop, Reverse and Cure Chronic Degen Dis-ease
    • Re-examinations, Labs are at cost after first exam
    • Specific Supplementation Recommendations based on findings
    • A Specific Exercise Program
    • The Specific Diet for You
    • A Specific Stress Reduction Program - Moving or Sitting
    • A Specific Sleep Hygiene Program
    • All the Scientific References for your other Providers
    • Motivational Videos from Dr Stark
    • Program 8 Months Starts From Installation Date
    • International Patients Must be Examined Once In Person
    • (all pricing is New Zealand dollars)
  • 3-Day Water Fast

    2021 To Build Immunity and Resilience!
    • 7 Daily Zoom Meetings Medically Guided for the Group Fast
    • 3-Days of Actual Fasting and 3-Days of Reboot Diet
    • You will Sharpen your Immune System For 2021
    • You will Boost your Stem Cells up to 40 times
    • You will Lose Weight for good, understanding of why
    • Group Setting - FUN and Help Keep you Motivated and Engaged
    • Your Relationship to Food Will Change for the Better
    • The Science is Presented in a Way You Can Understand
    • Energy Increases, Pain Decreases - Food Has Power!
    • Sign up Now and Get Started Correctly.
    • In Lockdown? This is the perfect time to care for yourself.
    • All the Science, plus links make you a Master Faster!
    • The group experience cannot be underestimated, join us!
    • Get the ebook on Water Fasting for Free when you sign up.
    • Water Fasts of 3-Days do the following: (8 little meals)
    • Lower blood sugar
    • Decrease inflammation
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Lower cholesterol
    • Increase innate immunity to infections
    • Repair the body by increasing stem cell production
    • Improve all aspects of digestion
    • Everyone Gets a Workbook, so its easy to follow
  • Virtual 3 Day Fast

    Start On Your Own Now +Join next Live Class for Free - Easy
    Valid for 6 months
    • 7 Instruction Videos, 3-Fasting, 3 Reboot Diet +1
    • Sign Up - We call, chat and clear you Medically - Easy.
    • If you are not able to fast, full refund - keep the Books!
    • You will get the Workbook with all course information
    • A Copy of The E Book - 3-Day Water Fast....
    • Invitation to the next quarterly group session included
    • Ability to contact Dr Stark with questions during the fast
    • Access to Fasting Blog - Learn Tips from Others