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Choose Either type of Medically Guided Fasting Master Class with Equal Health Benefits

1.   Gold standard -  3-day Water Fast with 3-day reboot plant based diet.


2.   Or, the new Whole Foods - Fasting Mimicking Diet.  Over a year to develop,   bringing a whole food option to fasting:  from a research tool, to a clinical protocol that is easy to use! You can eat from a select menu while getting the benefits of fasting.

Can't make it - no problem if you do the either fast on your own, you will still get a pass to the NEXT master class to "drop in" whenever you can make it.  In addition, you will get all the updated information and great stories from your fasting peers! 


Both 7 day Masterclasses run concurrently - if you choose to do either fast on your own,  you will be monitored by Dr Stark - with all materials supplied and video tuition  daily.  Remember, you still get to drop into the next course anytime you want to and get the updated video's of that master class!  

Next Fast, March 6th - 12th2024!


Number one comment: "It was a lot easier than I thought" 

Share your experiences, feel the support, and get the science when you join.

The Water Only Fast is 3 days of not eating followed by a very specific and most important 3-day reboot diet to heal the gut and ignite the biome for enhanced immunity and vitality.  


The Whole Foods-Fasting Mimicking Diet allows you to eat 700-1000 calories per day of whole 100% plant food specifically designed to do the following:.

Be a flavor-packed,  high-fiber menu, with less than 15 grams of protein per day. All recipes provided, and best of all, you'll have room to customise foods to your taste.

Whichever fast you choose, the health-promoting results are similar.

  • Better blood sugar control

  • Reduce and eliminate  all types of Inflammation in the body

  • Stop pain,  it usually reduces dramatically and may not return

  • Weight loss - that stays off (liver, belly, body - you will learn why)

  • Lower blood pressure (optimise vascular function)

  • Increased immunity,  resistance to infections, and milder response when you do have them.

  • Better digestion - better elimination, less leaky gut symptoms, more energy

  • An influx of stem cells - improved long-term health - build a new you!

  • Greater mental clarity and a longer attention span - increased cognition

  • Elevated moods and better ability to handle stress of all kinds.


Research indicates practicing either protocol four times per year may be optimal to gain and maintain all of above benefits,  however just one  round of the protocol promotes better control or. often a reversal of chronic disease while enjoying a higher vitality with potentially a longer lifespan.  

When used as a complement to medical therapy, the use of drugs, surgery, radiation, and even chemotherapy can expect reduced side effects with enhanced effectiveness of the therapy, or reduced levels of medication. This improves long-term survival and better outcomes in recovery in conjunction with a higher quality of life most importantly - day to day. 


Fasting puts you in touch with your relationship with food in the real world. No shame, just logical choices with the understanding that most food choices are chemically driven, and now you can see them for what they are. 

If you are overweight, you do not have a defect of character; you are a victim of a century of planned marketing with foods that trick the brain with hits of pleasure only to promote ill health while continuing the profitable purchasing of addictive processed foods. 

Start now, or come to our next workshop and learn for yourself.

For your safety, everyone will be medically cleared before beginning either approach. 

Make your future a healthier one - start today.

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