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The Stark Protocol is A Self-Guided

Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet​ (WF-FMD)

Master Class that is Virtual,  yet

Medically supervised for your safety

by Dr Stark and Associate Doctors

But What is this Whole Foods-Fasting Mimicking Diet? 

Eating 700-1000 nutritious plant-based calories per day, specifically designed to: Be a flavour packed, fiber rich menu with less than 15 grams of protein per day.


WF-FMD is a 5-day program with an additional day before - for context, and a day after, to re-enter normal eating. This regimen ignites the gut and biome for enhanced immunity and vitality.


Benefits of the WF-FMD


  1. Better blood sugar control: Increased energy and less fatigue.

  2. Reduced inflammation: Eliminate all types of inflammation in the body.

  3. Detoxification: Cleanse the liver, colon, and lymphatic systems.

  4. Medication reduction: Decrease the need for medications in most cases.

  5. Pain relief: Significant reduction in pain, often permanently.

  6. Weight loss: Sustainable weight loss targeting liver, belly, and body.

  7. Lower blood pressure: Optimize vascular function.

  8. Increased immunity: Enhanced resistance to infections and milder responses when ill.

  9. Better digestion: Improved elimination, fewer leaky gut symptoms, and more energy.

  10. Stem cell influx: Long-term health improvements with new cell generation.

  11. Improved skin: Benefits from detoxification, increased nutrients, and fiber.

  12. Greater mental clarity: Sharper thinking and longer attention spans.

  13. Better sleep: Understanding the science behind improved sleep patterns.

  14. Elevated moods: Better ability to handle stress.

Medical Therapy can be enhanced with fasting


When used alongside medical treatments, we need to take extra care, review records, medications, history and motivation prior to prescribing The Stark Protocol. You will need to contact us directly ( so we may speak to your specific situation. We supply the evidenced based science for your doctors understand and to monitor the following positive responses:

  1. Enhanced effectiveness of medications.

  2. Optimized surgery recovery with proper pre- and post-surgical use of WF-FMD.

  3. Reduced side effects of radiation therapy with better target objectives.

  4. Enhanced effectiveness and reduced side effects of chemotherapy.

  5. Access to all peer-reviewed current scientific papers for your medical team's benefit.


The Relationship with Food


Fasting helps you understand your relationship with food in the real world. No shame, just logical choices with the insight that most food choices are chemically driven. Learn to recognize them and break the cycle.

Overcoming Food Addiction

If you are overweight, it's not a defect of character but a result of a century of planned marketing of foods that trick the brain into seeking pleasure while promoting ill health. The Stark Protocol teaches you the science behind this and how to stop the cycle forever.


Optimal Frequency

Research indicates that practicing this protocol four times per year is optimal to achieve and maintain the benefits. Just one round of the protocol can promote a reversal of chronic disease symptoms and enhance vitality. Following the fast with a whole foods lifestyle ensures long-term results.


The Science is Clear

Supervised fasting may be the best medicine for improving quality of life and could substantially influence longevity.


What You Will Receive when you sign up for your personal fast:

  1. Medical Clearance Form: To return.

  2. 7 Automated Videos

  3. Workbook: With daily notes and references.

  4. 15 Meal Recipes: To guide you from start to finish.

  5. Medical Supervision

  6. Community Support: Join hundreds who have completed our program via our private Facebook page.


For to all Enrolled Fasters:

Regular Online Monthly Get-Togethers and Q&A Sessions

Member Discounts: On Dr. Stark's seminars and retreats.

How to Sign Up

IF you think you are reasonably healthy and below the age of 65 and not on medications then Click the button below to choose "The Stark Protocol Master Class"  If you have a medical condition under treatment then get in touch. (high cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, etc) 

Make your future a healthier one. Engage with The Stark Protocol today.

Still have questions?


Email us at - we are here to help.

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