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Oil-Free Diets are an Evidence-Based Scientific medical prescription for the prevention, cure and management of early cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, coronary heart disease, mild cognitive impairment (pre-dementia/Alzheimer’s) auto-immune disorders, obesity, and diabetes (Chronic degenerative Diseases).


Keto diets result in long-term damage or can potentially kill you - the science is solid on this point. 


Only one diet can reverse/prevent the above and sometimes even cure chronic degenerative diseases caused by modern diets (food poisoning).  High fat, sugar, salt, and protein are all implicated.  

How powerful is this; as Dr. Kim Williams, MD, FACC and past president of the American College of Cardiology - "there are only two types of Cardiologists - Vegans and those who have not read the literature!"    As an example, the number one cause of death for Cardiologists is ....heart disease!


Here are some references with information regarding the WFPBD-NO SOS (whole foods plant-based diet NO Sugar Oil or Salt)


T. Colin Cambell, Ph.D. The man who started it all with The China Study – video intro:




Excellent Tips for starting out:

High Carb Health: Shamiz and Shukul:


The Ornish Diet Program:


Dr. Caldwell and Jane Esselstyn:


Dr. John McDougall:


Jeff Novick, RD
Jeff Novick, the long version, is very funny – good for the whole family to watch

Blogs, Apps, and Movies


Dr. Patterson Stark's Blog for what's happening now in the Stark Universe!


Dr. Patterson Stark's  POD-cast, Recorded June 2022 - Lifestyle Medicine your new Best Friend! (18 minutes) Lecture Christchurch

Forks Over Knives App.  400 recipes by 50 leading chefs. - gs.2gtk3t


Movie Forks Over Knives - Excellent: - gs.2gtoez


The Game Changers:

What the Health:  Netflix

LIVE to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones:  Netflix

You are What You Eat: 4 part Doco, Netflix

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