3 Day Water Fast WorkShop Starts May 28th!

The Water Fast is one of  the most important gateway tools to personal health you can know.  With this six session Master Class  you will learn all about how to do a safe and life affirming  3 day water fast.  


You will learn:

  • How to correctly end a water fast

  • How it "re-boots" your immune system

  • When not to fast

  • You will also gain greater confidence and understanding of your relationship with food including how to overcome fears of what to eat and when is the best time to eat. 

All this in a fun and supportive educational environment.  

Go to the "Plans and Pricing" part of the website  for more information and to sign up while places are still available!

In Great Health,


Shared Master Classes Coming!

Patterson will be starting Master Classes Online in the coming months on How to Stop, Recover and Prevent Chronic Diseases:  


Lifestyle Intervention  and support  is the cutting edge of medicine today - Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Auto immune Disorders, Fatigue and  Pain Syndromes  can be dramatically helped with LM

If you have never done a shared medical appointment online you will soon realise just how much more information you get - plus the support of others who share their journey too. 

Go to the "Get In Touch"    page and say what you're looking for and we will keep you up to date of our next class. 

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