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The Personal Workshop - Transitioning to a New Era of Health: 

Why We Are Moving Beyond the 7-Day Online Course to Personal Individualized Quarterly Fasts

More people doing better for longer!

I’m excited to share some important changes regarding The Stark Protocol Master Fasting Class and guided Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet.  After 4.5 years of successful quarterly master classes, we're evolving our approach. The following will explain some of the back story and why we’re discontinuing the 7-day online course and introducing you to a new, improved program that will better serve your health needs.  

Key Points:

1. Scheduling Conflicts:  Many of you have faced difficulties completing the 7-day course due to busy schedules. This inconsistency affects your ability to fully benefit from the program.  THIS WILL NO LONGER BE A PROBLEM – YOU PICK YOUR BEST TIME AND GET IT DONE.  I have your back!

Whole Foods - Fasting Mimicking Diet: The whole foods fasting mimicking diet is the best option for quarterly fasters – the science is clear!  It supports your health and resilience better than traditional waster fasting methods with fewer complications 

3. Comprehensive Course Materials:  You already have access to all necessary information through our written and video materials which are constantly being upgraded. Having access to the most current course materials allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience.   And be up to date with the latest information 2. 

4. Group Connection Through Monthly Zoom Calls:  Monthly Zoom calls will provide a platform for all participants to connect, share experiences, and support each other.  After our 30 day transition to this new system only those registered will be have access to the monthly sessions.  All of us who are experienced understand how connection fosters a sense of community and enhanced motivation.

5. Risks of Unqualified Teaching:  Sometimes, well-meaning participants try to teach others what they've learned in the Stark Protocol Master Class - which can be risky.  It’s essential that fasting guidance comes from qualified professionals to avoid misinformation and health risks. This field is changing fast and the need to adapt our approach can happen in a short period of time.  You need to be kept informed and on the leading edge. 

6. Medical Responsibility and Liability:  As a medical professional, I am responsible for your well-being.  Without direct supervision, there's a much higher risk of complications, and sincerely do not want anyone to have a mishap .

Need for Professional Oversight:  Personalized professional oversight is crucial for safe and effective fasting.  Everyone who joins our program will be personally cleared and monitored in their fast, no matter when you choose to do it. This ensures that your unique needs and conditions are properly addressed.

Inclusive Pricing, 1-year,  up to 4 WF-FMDs:  Our new program costs $300 NZD per year, making it strategic for you getting the most out of your lifestyle.  As mentioned, this fee includes personal supervision and support throughout your fasting journey.

Additional Benefits: You’ll receive discounts on future books, video courses, and retreats. This adds long-term value and ongoing support to your health journey keeping you engaged and connected.

Summary Overview: 
To sum up, in all of the science I have studied so far; nothing is as effective at improving quality of life and lowering risk of disease as quarterly WF-FMD’s followed by a plant based diet to provide you with the most consistent, safe, and effective support for your health goals.  

Your success is our success, and timing plus connection is everything. We're dedicated to helping you transition into a new era of health and well-being. I’m committed to ensuring you achieve your health goals safely and effectively.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll provide more information as needed.

Yes, our courses are at the leading edge of performance enhancement, creating better engagement, and lower absenteeism with the elevation of moods for almost 100% of our graduates.


Our Incredible Kaikoura Retreat Setting March 2024

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