Lifestyle Intervention

 Can Help You Find Your Balance

Choosing Lifestyle Medicine, is both scientific  and a positive force for change.


Understanding the causes of  chronic degenerative disease - you learn to easily change your health destiny for the better.


The Science points out the obvious; physical inactivity, poor diet or nutrition, smoking, alcohol overconsumption, chronic stress, anxiety,  poor sleep, social isolation combined with loss of culture and identity are all aspects of the problem, your desire to improve yourself is the key to better health.  Armed with the facts and support you move forward to better health and understanding of your personal health and happiness journey. 


Personal care and nurturing  unlike anything you have known before. 

Comprehensive & Thorough
Nothing is rushed
90-120 minute first appointment 
50 laboratory tests 
After the exam and labs test we make you a workbook, putting it together 
In another 90 minute appointment, we give a clear
explanation of your results and what they mean.
A meeting which is recorded and transcribed for your future reference.
Lastly and, most importantly you will get inspiration, motivation and the education necessary as we come together to set our goals and how to move forward over the next 8 months.
A Copy of:
1.  Dr. Stark's books: "Live Now - Die Later, Starkhealth"
2.  3-Days To Better Health, A Solution To The Global Health Care Crisis. (N
ew ebook)
Video Eduction tailored for your needs
**and the ability to contact us at anytime.