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Direct Path to Finding Balance

 Personal care and nurturing  in a group setting unlike anything you have known before.  Armed with the facts, you take action and ultimately earn your health and vitality. 

Comprehensive & Fun 
Group Learning
(SMA - Shared Medical Appointment)
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Join us!  
1.  Get to the next appropriate group meeting in the workshops menu above-Common topics for 2022 well be:
     3 Days to Better Health -a Guided Water Fast,  or Whole Foods fasting Mimicking Diet - (Run 4 Times per Year, it's that good!)
     Heart Disease
     Mental Health - A Positive Psychology to Life
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Video Education for each Master Class is tailored for the needs of any group and all materials provided.  
2.  Still have questions?
     Email service@starkhealth.com or call +(64)-03 376-5000 NZT 
3 * INVEST in a copy of: 
     3-Days To Better Health, A Solution To The Global Health Care Crisis (ebook)
     Live Now - Die Later, Stark Health by Patterson Stark (paper back or ebook)