Surviving The Pandemic of Life.


Highly motivated - Self Selected People who want great health and Vitality!

With a life-time fatality rate of 100% in this life, the only attractive variable is your quality of life.

Our global group now has 2 years of experience doing quarterly 3-Day water fasts combined with a 3-day reboot diet in a Virtual Community of like minded people.

This ever evolving Master Class shows you how, why and where the science applies directly to you and your actions. With support and encouragement from myself and the group, we are proud of our 100% success rate of completion of the fast for all those who have attended the workshop.

Loose some weight, multiply your immune system and make new stem cells ! It all happens here.

Can't make the workshop hours? We have you covered, do a personal virtual fast with prerecorded seasons while under the eye of Dr Stark or, sign up for the August 5-12th fast and watch the recorded sessions every day to keep pace with the class. You can also join in on the weekends or as time allows

Sign up with us at

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