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Your Inner Pharmacy - it never fails!

Robert Blaich, BA, BS, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN,DAAIM & DAAPM (third from left) wrote "Your Inner Pharmacy" almost a decade ago. Bob was one of my teachers from the seventies and has always had a way of "grounding to source" - what was the most important point and why? He never could have imagined how even more important a topic this is today than it was when written. So, what is "Your Inner Pharmacy"?

You body has the ability to maintain balance in the environment its in - at all times... millisecond by millisecond. Taking starches, sugars, fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - a constant flux is happening on a chemical level that in all my years of study... resembles jello! Different colours and textures which define tissues, building blocks, hormones, neurotransmitters etc. The mind cannot and I assume will never understand it all. So the question is what is the issue with so much chronic disease and why now and what can we do about it? Thank's Dr. Blaich.

We have software encoded into our operating system that is designed for almost every occasion - by repetitive contact with over the centuries we change. Until recently we never have had processed food or too many calories for this long of a period of time. We have no software to handle this quick change and the pharmacy cannot use the "salvation software" that worked just a century ago such as increase insulin and store calories as fat so we can make it until or through the next famine. This is how our system is programmed to run. Proof you say? Well its normal now in our modern world for 50% to die of a heart attack or stroke... Normal for about one out of three to die of cancer and the list goes on down the top fifteen most common killers - they are all food and sedentary lifestyle related leaving the pharmacy without a program to control inflammation, causing more stressful cortisol and thus more insulin - which is the root cause of pain and suffering. So what are we to do? Can we "hack" the program and reboot - to save ourselves. In a word - YES!

Seven genes that control an extraordinary responses to stress have been put in "stealth" though the back door and are waiting for the signal - the special code to start the reboot. BUT... what is the code and who would have ever thought it was the last thing to be done in our modern world?

Code for reboot ( do anyone of the following for 48-72 hours or longer)

1. Reduce calories

2. Lower protein

3. Burn fat as energy

4. Hypothermiua - get really cold

5. Hyperthermia - or really hot 48-72 hours!

But how does that work?

In modern times its called a fast - in past times it was called ... normal and these genes are so necessary every living thing on the planet has the same ones. 2.5 Billion years ago yeast (our first inhabitants) developed them, next the bacteria borrowed them and never gave them back because they worked a treat. Then one cell organisms did the same and blah, blah, blah until the "sirtuin genes" were discovered ... in yeast first, then the rest of us. So how can this help our inner pharmacy protect us from what can only now be called "mal-ware"?

First you need to understand just how exceptional these seven little genes are. In brief the body has one purpose - yeast, bacteria, sheep or human. When its well fed we reproduce and live shorter lifespans! When we are not well fed, we lower our fertility, get cranky of course and get very frugal with the fuel - we live up to 30% longer also with greater immunity and defiantly less chronic disease. But how is this useful now?

A burst of chemicals singled by the sirtuin genes yield an unprecedented production of anti-inflammatory compounds.... to protect cells! The body also clears out the cob webs in a process called "autophagy" or self eating. In other words this is the deep clean cycle we always wanted by never had... For example a simple 3 day water fast can clear out up to 40% of your less effective immune system leaving you in "fight mode". And it also produced substances which protect your DNA when it replicates... and yes just the opposite is happening today in our modern world... Yuck! So what's the plan and how do you get this software on line and, how often does that need to happen?

Massive amounts of good science are probing into these questions around the world - but the short answer is found in what you eat, how often you eat and do not eat and how you exercise and sleep. Complex but not impossible. How does this fit in the real world?

There is strong support for regular medically supervised caloric restriction with the gold standard being a 3 day water fast. Intermittent fasting can help also like 5 days of normal eating each week and 2 days of low calories (about 500cal). Or a "Fasting Mimicking Diet" as invented out of necessity by Dr. Valter Longo, the Edna M. Jones Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences and Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California –Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, Los Angeles, This "FMD" is 5 days of low protein moderate fat, high starch and fibre every month for 3 months. All of this have the ability to turn on the Sirtiun Genes and get the benefits of less disease, less inflammation, better weight distribution, all with lower inflammation making it stressful for chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer to survive. Bottom line - no one has an exact answer - but, 4 times a year, we have been attempting 3 day water fasts and a 3 day reboot diet under supervised conditions for the last two and one half years and the research supports multiple fasts as having long term positive effects. This is what we are seeing also in our Master Class participlants clinically.

In the long term we (you, your children, your employees and society in general) need to adopt a lifestyle habit that focuses us on the real issue - our relationship with deadly food and have an alternate, positive method of overcoming the alarming health effects. The inner pharmacy can and does have the ability to turn around your health risk profile... Join us on the next supervised Master Class over seven days and see for yourself. Eight little meals later you will have had a first hand experience of what your body is actually capable of and I am sure you will like it!

Remember to work it has to be a Stark Naked Reality!

STARK - Simple and clear

NAKED - Nothing hidden just you and your body in a supportive environment

REALITY - Actions taken - results happen - objectively observe, record and just be with it - the code has been turned on.

Next Master Class February 24th - March 2nd, 12:00 PM each day (Zoom link provided) all sessions are recorded and you can ask questions 24/7 worldwide as you will get the recorded sessions daily, workbooks and resources are all included.

Change your health destiny, Join us:

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