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You Time, Your Health, Your Friends

Never before in the history of our species has your health been in such a pivotal position of jeopardy or potential.

Join us to learn and apply the vitality giving methods we have been refining, and perfecting over the last five years - with hundreds now experiencing the benefits sharing with family and friends.

The evidence-based science is clear, and resounding in what to do; this is the how and why necessary to turn-on your bodies innate hard drive of health!

The immersion Retreat in Kaikoura is just that, total focus on your needs. Emotional time-out, physical rejuvenation, creative play with others, and lastly the inspiring motivation to meld into a more positive life - post retreat.

The content and context of this Retreat cannot be overstated.

The Virtual Master Class is new, fresh and not to be missed. We have learned so much in the last year so, if you have not been with us recently, refresh yourself and be at the forefront of what is possible in lifestyle as medicine in your home.

In Great Health,


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