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"Is the Whole Foods Fasting Mimicking Diet the Key to Turning Down Aging Genes?"

Updated: Apr 8

In the last 50 years I've seen nothing as powerful as a Whole foods plant,-based, diet, and intermittent prolonged fasting on a quarterly basis, to change the trajectory of extended health as we age. I see more years with less disability and suffering with my patients and myself.

As far as I can see, nobody teaches the science - and the application of this technology the way we have done over the last 40 years; and more specially the last 5 years with the refinement of the fasting protocols.

I invite you to come to our next scheduled class starting June 6-12 investing in an hour each day with a community that supports each other because they've all had to walk the same walk previously. If you are new to fasting, this could be just the support you need to be successful – and safe with our medically monitored. Class.

Now, with a profound confidence in what the body can actually do, 5-day Whole foods fasting mimicking diets, or a 3-day water fast - with a three day reboot diet, may become your number one tool to extend vitality, it is a common sense approach backed by the latest science on the planet!; how to go forward as we age successfully.

Alleviating the health-fear and uncertainty associated with the 50s 60s 70s and 80s is done with education, guidance, and community – this is what we do.

To encourage you – Now through the end of April, you can bring a friend or family member and you get your Fee paid for free. This is a two for one offer to encourage the community to grow.

I look forward to seeing you.👀

Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM

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