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The Stark Protocol works on all 100'000 Kilometers of your Vascular System!

Updated: Feb 19

Will this protocol stop you from having a stroke or heart attack caused by high blood pressure?

The simple answer is yes, but the reasons behind it are so compelling that it is absolute malpractice that fasting is not part of standard therapy in my opinion.

If you are reading this, you are raised in a modern society and you have undeniable vascular disease. Science now starts to track cardiovascular disease commonly in children as young as three years of age.

Doing a three-day water fast, or a five-day fasting, mimicking diet, gives all of your blood vessels a boost of nitric oxide, in addition to lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin, inflammation, cleaning out scar tissue from vessel walls, and other immune system debris in those blood vessels. Nothing that medicine has to offer can do this reversal of pathology-provoking circumstances throughout your body. The fact is 50% of your DNA is devoted to making blood vessels. Medicine does have clot busters such as Natto-kininase which is made enzymes found in fermented soy bean and surgically it has stents to open clogged arteries - but these therapies just work on just one specific artery or arteries. When too damaged, cardiologists at great cost can graft up to five new cornary arteries to save lives - in the short term.

If you have ever contemplated doing something great for your health - fasting in conjunction with a plant-based diet of greens, beans, grains, fruits and the like, is the only documented way in reverse, stop or cure blood pressure and all the other headliess horsemen of chronic disease.

Join one of our group fasts, or do it on your own time with my guidance. The tools are here and available - do not wait till it's too late. One out of two people who have a heart attack do not survive and it is the leading cause of death. If you eat and exercise like the majority - you are at risk.


Dr Dean Ornish, MD author and authoritative reseacher on the reversal of heart disease and cancer with a whole foods plant based diet in conjuction with the pillars of lifestyle medicine; his programs are in hospitals in fourteen states in the US, and paid for by most major insurance compaies and Medicare.


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