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Why We Fast

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Not eating allows your body to draw on superhuman genetics handed down for billions of years.

This process of adaptation allows us to be even more effective when we do eat again using and connecting to our environment.

The largest living organism on the planet is soil and the micro organisms which continually feast on organic matter allowing plants their food source.

When you eat, your consuming genetic material from the soil directly or indirectly. This allows you bio-diversity to adapt to your environment and stay healthy as you have done over the millennia.

Personal biodiversity is the defining of your health status - a measure of vitality and resilience!

Loss of soil endangers our planet and endangers each individual through loss of biodiversity. We cannot adapt to an environment that is sterile. When we fast and reboot our system with a plant based diet we reconnect to the microbes that feed our microbes and health follows. Turning on our survival genes and rebooting with plant food- is the only way to break the chain of chronic degenerative disease.

Please join us for our next master class on fasting- it may be the most important and impactful action ypu have ever done .🙏

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