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Why does your Child have Heart Disease?

Returning on the bus tonight - from the Rugby (Crusaders won - again; I watched two boys politely sitting and talking whilst polishing off a bag of corn chips and two bottles of "enhanced" energy drinks. They looked like good kids who where more than likely good students and perhaps a little "nerdy"?

Then I thought, do they know they have heart disease and it came from their patients ? Did they know they had fatty streaks in there coronary arteries and in as little as 2-3 decades they could have a heart attack, cancer, diabetes or hypertension?

Did they know it was not genetic? Did they know their parents unknowingly, have given them a shorter lifespan than theirs?

Did they know their generation is the first - in the history of mankind to not have a greater life expectancy than the last....?

Unfortunately this is not fiction - it's just the science and facts of our times.

How will we cope and what can we do to help ourselves and our children? Is there hope?

Dr. Michael Greger and myself are both working on it.... and by "it" I mean Lifestyle as not only Medicine (via the American and Australasian Colleges of Lifestyle Medicine) - but lifestyle as an alternative to bypass surgery, amputation of a diabetic limbs, or worse... early death by avoidable circumstances!

Dr. Greger is a great scientist with an encyclopaedic understanding of this topic. As I have new mothers about us now with beautiful babes - it inspires be and implores me to share what I know and also what has been craftily put together too.

Please watch this 5 minute 50 second video by Dr. Greger and share it with your clan. It will change lives by starting a conversation about the most important things in life. Living a long healthy life with certainty for the next generation!

Questions or comments - always here, it's what we do.

Lets give them our best - inside and out!

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