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What Participants say about their 3-Day Guided Water Fast

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Well, I got off today's Zoom call with a smile on my face☺ For me the Fast was a great experience! I particularly enjoyed being part of a group and feel even more inspired about the lifestyle I've adopted (and have about 4 pots currently soaking with my beloved beans, grains and legumes...which I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow!)

SH, New Zealand

Dear Patterson,

Mary and I appreciate you letting us join you on your 3 day fast program. We both experience tremendous health benefits from your program, thank you so much.

TB, California, USA

Congratulations on another successful fasting program.

Great to have such a good group and pleasing to have numbers grow.

For me, the big insight was how being low in energy reset my mind.

Instead of running around like a mad thing, I was simply calm and considered.

I even enjoyed chewing my food umpteen times.

It's not just a body reset, it's also a mental reset.

GM, Gelong, AU

I would like to share how my week has been. Three days at work this week following our fast was done so easily with energy left at the end of the day. I have felt very hungry at times but not had any cravings. R and I both woke on at 3.30am on Wednesday buzzing and ready to go despite our efforts at going back to sleep and I still enjoyed a constant vibrant energy all day. My massage therapist commented this morning “wow what have you been up to you look great and the change in your body in 3 weeks is amazing.” My skin is even more hydrated and I feel clean, light, fresh and vibrant.

LB, Tasmania, AU

Congrats and thank you for a second successful fasting experience.

TOB, Long Island, USA

Wonderful Class... can't say enough about Dr. Stark...his sharing of knowledge and caring, with ALL of us at once was amazing. And the group experience added so MUCH to fasting (from someone who usually fasts alone)...and I made new friends like Dave Claudia B Taos NM

Thank you Patterson , An amazing journey of knowledge and good health 😊💕 Mary B. San Marco, CA

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