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Fasting Just Got Easier! And Save Until May 3rd!

Now you can choose from two types of fasting and still get great health benefits.

The gold standard - a 3-day Water Fast.


The new Fasting Mimicking Diet. Eat from a select menu while getting the benefits of fasting.

In our next medically guided 7 day Masterclass, both fasts will run at the same time.

Share your experience, feel the support and be part of the healthy community.

It's May 19-25.

Our May 19-25th Medically Guided 7 Day Master Class

The Water Only Fast is 3 days of not eating followed by a very specific 3-day reboot diet to heal and ignite the biome.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet allows you to eat 700-1000 calories per day. It's a flavour-packed high fibre menu with less than 15 grams of protein. Best of all, you'll have room to customise to your taste from the provided recipes.

Whichever you choose, the health-promoting results are similar.

• Better blood sugar control

• Weight loss

• Lower blood pressure

• Increased immunity

• An influx of stem cells

Plus, Research shows better control or reversal of chronic disease. And more vitality with a longer lifespan when practised several times per year.

On top of this, fasting will put you in touch with your relationship to food.

As always, everyone will be medically cleared before beginning either approach.

Until May3rd, save 25 dollars for jumping in signing up to improve your health!

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