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What Happens to your Gut When You Stop Eating for 3 Days?

You burn all the sugar in your liver and muscles after one day. not spent on your digestion.

Your digestive track after just 2-3 days starts to shrink (atrophy)

The protective layer (mucin) loses 2/3rds of its thickness.

Your liver and kidneys start to shrink after 3 days.

You burn all the sugar in your liver and muslces after one day.

You burn protein after 24 hours for energy, tearing down muscle

You burn fat after 24-48 hours for energy (to spare muscle) - you can do this for weeks with guidance.

Starting back on food correctly will determine if you damage your GI tract or have a super immune response which heals and stimulates like never before.

Join our 3-day water fast, and 3-day reboot diet and learn everything necessary to be healthier. "Better Health in 3 Days!"

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