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Water Fast Over - How long till Curry? (Taste and Poo Research)

Our great group of water fasters finished up last weekend after 3 days water fasting and over the preceding 4-5 days were slowly guided on how to integrate back to a "normal' plant based diet.

One of the cautions about eating again was about spices and that they can be a little "corrosive" on a fresh virgin digestive track and can cause stomach pain - even cramping.

The most offensive are the dried spices like pepper and cilli flakes. But, when it comes to complex spices like curries and hot Asian soups and Mexican dishes - its best to give yourself a full week and then - slowly go forth and to the "taste and poo" research, making sure both ends are happy...

And remember - when back on a full diet -

preload your meals with a glass of water 30-45 minutes before you eat - it will help your biome and you will eat less overall and that's a good thing!

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