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They're Dropping Like Flies.

Kilo's and pounds that is - in our group of water fasters over the last year.

First - of course you are going to loose weight when you do not eat, but then you continue to loose when you start back on a plant based diet. Then when you get back to eating "normal" something strange happens!

Your taste has changed and your calorie density has gone down. What does that mean? You stopped eating food that had high fat and protein - lowering your calories intake without even counting. Then you replaced it with volume occupying plants. We're talking fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes. With all that fibre - a funny thing happened....

You now eat more food by weight - but less calories - but up to 50 times more vitamins, mineral, phytosterols and antioxidants - as was intended over the last 10'000 generations of your ancestors.

The results have been amazing; the vast majority of our water fasters have kept 5-10 pounds (4-5kg) off without even trying. Why is that important?

Lower body weight reduces insulin resistance lowering blood sugar,

Lower body weight lowers inflammation reducing cardiovascular stress like high blood pressure and inflammation of the arteries and veins - all 100000 kilometres of them!

Lower body weight feels good, looks good and keeps you motivated to make healthy choices!

Join us for our next 3 day guided water fast on August 5th, you will love the master class and really enjoy the encouragement you get from fellow alumni of fasting too!

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