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The Stark Protocol - Confidence in your health - what's it worth?

Just as this Vendor in Cambodia displays an audacious confidence in his 100cc motorcycle ability to carry what a Ford F150 would normally carry. We have to be that confident of our health going forward. I am, - are you?

Remember the number three cause of death is doctors care! Disease care ( the normal system for profit medicine) is in crisis as are you - its subscribers. Multiple publications across a wide variety of disciplines noted that health care starts at home! The individual's ability to stay out of crisis care is the most important determinant of Vitaliy and achieving a long and disease-free life.

Approaching almost fifty years of practice, researching, and applying healthy lifestyles to my patients; this "Stark Protocol" is the simplest, most direct path to lasting health function I have ever seen or applied to a patient population.

Learning to eat the right foods, and the timing of that eating to retain and gain energy. When to fast or move to a low-calorie diet at the right times of the year and be continually monitored and stimulated to keep on the path with professional and community support is what we do.

Join us for our next fasting master class and change your health destiny - I look forward to seeing you.

Note that we have multiple payment plans available - generally in the range of the coffee budget for affordability.

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