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Long Covid - Helped with WF-PBD and Fasting

Today the CDC came out with the statistic of one in five who have been infected with Covid-19 suffer symptoms from mild to moderate 4 weeks post-infection onwards. This is irrespective of mRNA injection status.

The whole foods plant-based diet is without a doubt the best place to start as it contains a massive amount of nutrients compared to the standard diet. Most people believe they have a good diet, even though 90% do not. A nonprocessed food, high fibre, no oil, sugar or salt diet is in my opinion what is necessary to get the system fighting back. Long Covid can go on for months and lead to complicated medical outcomes, so how else can we stimulate our system to reboot?

Fasting! 3-day water fasts or a whole foods fasting-mimicking diet will reboot the system dramatically and quickly. Our next Master Class and guided course through both of these life-enhancing tools begin on November 16th, you can sign up now on our "Plans and Pricing Page".

Fasting puts your body into an epi-genetically induced stress adaptation with profound implications for your immune system. I have found this to be one of the most beneficial ways to recover from long-term chronic illnesses. When we do these repetitively we enhance our long-term health in multiple positive ways.

A Master Class is just that - you will learn about all aspects of fasting and what the science supports as an evidence-based approach to better health. You will have a zoom community of people who are doing their first fast and some who have done more than a dozen in the last few years to support you. You will also be medically managed, screened, and supported throughout the process for your safety.

Now is the time to change your relationship with how you take care of yourself. To have an option that is an alternative to taking another drug to suppress symptoms only to have them return in the short term or have an unwelcomed response to the medication as happens all too often. Now is the time to embrace a new future health possibility. Please join us and experience for yourself the power and confidence which come with using the power of fasting and a better plant-based diet to new levels of health. You will lose weight, improve your moods and lastly get rid of nagging aches and pains.

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