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Putting Science into Action

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

It takes commitment to go from the laboratory to a clinical setting which has an impact on patients lifestyle and thus their wellbeing. Each year I set aside thousands upon thousands of dollars and time to travel, converse and keep up to date on the latest scientific breakthroughs, so you don't have to!

Dr. Micheal Greger, MD, FACLM and Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, FACLM are two prolific researchers who have provided lifesaving scientific ammunition to thousands of Physicians like myself - worldwide.


Dr Orinish's

Follow and apply their latest work and have a better life - it's as simple as peas and carrots.

Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, President and Founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute & Dr. Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM, Founder of The International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity

Dr. Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM & Dr.Micheal Greger, MD, FASLM who is leading the information highway of change.

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