From the heart transplant list to climbing mountains with grand children.

Updated: Oct 10


Here's an update of life without heart medication (since prior to the last WF/Mimicking Diet). It's heaven. Breathing normally, through the nose, no dizzyness, no heavy arms, and no faint spells reminding me of weakness. I'm back to living, instead of surviving on the NZ doctors mantra - "you're taking them for life! "

I'm grateful for when I needed their help, but it wasn't for life. That's where you guys come in. How dumb are they?

So many heart people simply accept losing their quality of day as the norm - for life! How dumb is that?

Without meds I can no longer have my treat of a good coffee without feeling weird - but I sure am happy caffeine free for life! (CAFFEINE FREE FOR LIFE)

Ten days in Wanaka walking heaps plus up the mountain with grandchildren day after day was easy in the lovely sharp and fresh air. You'd never know I ever had a heart issue. I ran into ex rower grandparents (my kids were rowers), who still competing on runs, walks, bikes, etc. They were vibrant, alive, my age and I noticed their norm is caffine free - for life! How sensible is that? I hadn't told you the funny story that finally triggered me stopping the meds.

(WE DO NOT ADVISE STOPPING MEDS WITHOUT A DOCTORS SUPERVISION) I'd had a skin scrape on my shin which infected. The doctor gave me antibiotics and dressings 2x a week. It ulcererated, he prescribed 2 more courses of the drugs which I diddn't collect. I poured lemon juice on it, which stung but worked, did a fast, dumped the doctor, and it healed quick for much cheaper.

I was fed up with my breathing and other weaknesses interferring with my life, fed up with drugs, and fed up with what my peers call normal older age. I do housework for people, with bonus a great 2hr workout 3x a week - ongoing movement, stretches, squats and weight bearing. During one of these I collapsed and couldn't breathe. I drove to the nearest help which stupid because my arms were too heavy for the wheel, and then I couldn't walk. Got to the Medical Centre who called the ambulance so back into HDU and all the tests. I told them a hundred times it was the medication that caused me to crash, but they disagreed and increased it. Next day a new ShriLankin Physician arrived to look at my teeth. He was great, talked for ages, said get the two front ones out asap, stay on the meds till done, on the original dose no increase, and then re-evaluate. (I'd had periondental issues for years, which improved with diet except the two front, which had ongoing plates when young, then crowned, a root canal, and infected often loose affecting bite. Plus I knew from having Stephen Sinatra and Mark Breiners book "Whole Body Dentistry".) So I got on the phone while still hooked up to the bed, reminicent of emailing you in California 4 yrs back, when you replied so quick while lunching with Dean Ornish - don't eat the hospital food!

I found a new dentist, South African, who when I later saw him reiterated the same story the ShiLankin had told me about the horrific heart disease in their countries. Then next thing the hospital announced I had Covid so down came all the isolation paraphenalia, and panic because I'd been there 24hrs, wheeled all over the place, and two young nurses with young children hadn't had masks on when fixing my wires. I told them I had no Covid so it was ridiculous, and after another two nights they decided false alarm, some mix up of labels in the lab. I got out of there quick, and started weaning off the meds same day! I finally got those test results this morning from a new American Physician who facinated I had since stopped my medication, wanted to know what I had been doing and gave me over double the allocated 20 mins. He said a slight ectopic heart beat (which I've been aware of) as a result of heart pump damage four years ago but which no problem provided I carry on doing the same and am prepared to manage it myself.

If I change my mind and want medication for it to ask and I'll get it, but thought I would be better off long term without, because unnecessary meds create toxic buildup causing other issues !!! Yay - for you o'seas doctors .


I didn't get the actual test results myself. He said I was back to normal, had not had coronary heart disease and still don't (obviously due to your diet), but a severely malfunctioned pump which doesn't work without the transplant. That I was one of the rare survivors of the condition and on reading my notes he had been very surprised I was still alive! I wasn't interested in the paperwork. He said I was far better to continue managing myself, no more tests, that I am very healthy so get out and live. And as that's what I believe, I was delighted. Real medicine.

He did say the pump problem likely due to myocarditis, but I also know my past lifestyle of emotional stress had consequences. (A great way to understand mental illness if been crazy oneself!). Meanwhile I love researching, reading, learning and studying:- the heart, nutrition, disease, the mind, and what you teach me. I love it all, and think of the banner over your old office - Healthy at 100 - so no retirement but goal of workshops involvement. No idea yet on what or how, but it will happen. Meanwhile always plenty more learning - ongoing! Life is great. See you at the next fast. And Gayle - your smiley and laughing face in the background is always so encouraging. I'm loving this life - FOR LIFE!

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