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Fill Your Lungs with Bugs!

Immunity starts with our exposure to the immediate environment. The greatest exposure comes via your nose - you move a huge volume of air each day if you think about it. How does your body work with this? Why does your sense of smell help you decide on what is right or wrong with your environment?

The nasal sinuses and oral pharynx are the beginning of your "Innate Immune system" The barrier between your inside and outside worlds. Like skin - the thin line between balance and havoc is only millimetres thick at most. So how do we survive?

It's a balance that requires constant monitoring of the environment outside so the environment inside can adapt and there are multiple issues in these modern times. Just like being sedentary, your immune system has very little of the exposure to the environmental sampling that it did even 100 years ago.

Living in clean houses, not having our hands in the soil, living in recycled air reduces your immune systems auditing and adapting to the environment and you lose resilience of immunity as a consequence. Not to mention the use of antibiotics in the food chain (Roundup - is an antibiotic that deprives you of brain support and leads to depression, anxiety and autism among other neurological problems) and our personal use of medications as never before in the history of mankind.

But wait, you say! We are living longer and modern medicine is the reason, right? Yes and no. For the first time in the history of mankind, life expectancy is going down! If you have children under the age of 20, we are predicting they will not have your life expectancy - they will die younger than you. Why?

Chronic degenerative diseases claim 9 of 10 and are caused by poor food, under-activity and environmental issues. This means, if we cause them - they can be corrected. Want to live longer without dying of a heart attack (1 out of 2) cancer (1 out of 3) or any of the other 15 inflammatory conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, obesity and auto-immune diseases? Diversify your environment, the food you eat, the places you frequent and the exercise you practice as a way of life. For example....

Getting outside is not a new therapy - the Germans call it "Forest Bathing" where you actually go outside for a walk in the forest on a regular basis. They measured dramatic improvements in immune system function, not to mention better moods and increased physical fitness from this simple action. And it was initiated via the nose and exchange of air laden with spores, fungi and other exotic materials floating in the forest air.

A lifestyle that revolves around a plant based diet - to feed your bugs, regular physical activity (outdoors is best) and better management of your home cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals can go a long way to improving your immune system and quality of life; not to mention that of your children also. Want to turbo charge this process? Our Water Fasting programs are master classes in these subjects - please join us.

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