Circulation Problems helped with Fasting Master Class!

Over 10'000 genes for blood vessels alone!

Circulation is a big topic - as so it should be. One half of all your DNA is dedicated to making blood vessels! Taking care of the process should be a number one priority if you are going to go the distance without health problems that concern your precious vascular system.

  • 50% of all deaths are heart attacks - they are fundamental vascular problems

  • 16 % of deaths from strokes - they are fundamental vascular problems

  • 37% of deaths from metastatic cancer - they are fundamental vascular problems where the body can no longer regulate the rapid growth of tumour blood vessels.

  • Then there are problems like asthma, diabetes, cognitive impairment, early dementia and alzheimer's. All of which have vascular issues as a hallmark.

  • 16 % of deaths from stroke s and high BP - they are also vascular issues.

Master Class Zoom Meeting 12:00PM Daily

This is a daunting list, but the good news it is most of these conditions are (research says 90%) reversible, stoppable or preventable - once you gain the information from our 3-day water fast or 5 day whole foods fasting mimicking diet master class.


This is a tool for living in an inhospitable modern environment - please 🙏 invest in yourself, loved ones and work associates and let them have the gift of health. 😎

Sign up today, next master class starts November 16th NZT @ 12:00PM


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