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A New Years Resolution Every Day?

Why do we - for the most part, make resolve on New Years - to raise the bar? Could it be a longing to do better, or a regret of what we have done? I suspect it is a little of both.

In my first book - Live Now-Die Later, Starkhealth; I said "a person will do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure". How does that ring with you, and what actions or avoidances do you, and I make on a daily basis?

I use the example of the walk up the mountain... step by step, painfully and slowly. It is an agonising effort with mental and emotional toil - the time goes slowly. Or, focusing on the view you will see from the summit, how uplifting it will be, and how privileged you are to be able to just walk up the dam mountain... In gratitude and awareness the burden is lifted. And, that is the point.

With compassion toward our fellow men and women, with gratitude of just being above ground each day, I see a resolve to aspire, to join, to mingle and uplift ourselves when the opportunity arises. Our true selves. The only thing necessary for a good day or a bad day, is the right focus. A moment to moment awareness of choices we can all make - every single day - in clear view of the summit.

Today it is 10816 days until I reach 100 years of age - just another summit. Today, I I suggest we choose a life of awe, joy and communion with this little planet. How say you?

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