Gain a comprehensive understanding of the new science of Water Fasting as told by Dr Stark.  Hundreds have sucessfully followed his easy 3 day water fasts, time respected feed program, intermittant fastinng protocols and whole food fasting mimicking diets.  This is a most popular topic at this time and a tool for uncertain times. Enjoy

Stark Fast e-Book

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  • This little booklet is a Master Class on Fasting and 20 minutes that could add 20 years to your life!

    We have been overfed for the last 75 years at least, leading to overconsumption being the number one cause of death in the world(and the habits associated with it).  

    As an aside, the number one reason people go to the doctor is.... fatigue which is also in the list of symptoms of our number one and two killers (heart disease and cancer. Just saying.

    When we eat for 15 1/2 hours a day (average in the western world) and we never have periods of time with low calories or famine; the poor immune system is overwhelmed, becomes sluggish and, thus advances in age - which is not a good thing.

    Autophagy is all about identifying the critical point in time when it's the body's turn to recycle. A process that specifically depends on the sharpness of your immune system to identify the older, less effective immune cells, brain cells, kidney, heart etc.. you get the idea.

    Every single person now desperately needs to reset the biology of brain  and biome to wake up the immune system.  

    Hmmm. does sound like going with out food for eight little meals might help a lot!