Dear Friends,

Congratulations on getting over the hump with this "COVID - CRISIS". Hopefully, you used this down time to focus on what is and will be - the "pause of the century". All of us have a new appreciation of our connection bubbles, extended families, friends, neighbours, Provinces, Countries, Nations and lastly The World. How we move, eat, love and sleep has come under personal observation by all. Hopefully we are all closer for the experience, not further apart.

Your safety and the safety of the staff and doctors at Starkhealth Centre is our first priority. During Level II there will be some changes to our office flow, booking procedures and your ability to walk-in; so stay tuned on Monday for the full details.

We are looking to open ASAP. The Prime Minster will talk to us this Monday afternoon, as soon as we have a Level II time frame we will start to make bookings accordingly.

Dr. Stark's patients will be contacted once the above information is announced.

Dr. Mark Gabriel will be contacting his patients for booking directly - so watch your phones and emails.

Hang in there and of course send an email with questions if you have them.

In Great Health,

Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM

Director, Stark Health Centre

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