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Spend time in the SUN everyday! Don't get burnt by skin cancer or worse.... a life indoors.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to improve your Vitamin D levels - the sun vitamin. We are outdoor animals - at least for the last 23 - 26 million years. So we've got this - genetically that is. We do not have sitting indoors in a cubical 50 weeks per year then getting down to the beach fluoro-white or yellow or caramel and toasting ourselves. The science tells us those are the ones who get the most skin cancer.... and more chronic degenerative disease too.

Who gets the least amount of skin cancer? Labourers who work in the sun all day! Loboruers who use the least amount of protection to boot! How can this be?

We are marketed to by good meaning health professionals who are treating the after effects of too much sun in to little time. They are dealing with the disease - not the cause of the disease - many times, to little sun in our life.

Vit. D shortage is responsible for possibly greater than 30% of all cancers, not just skin cancers - according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Additionally, Vitamin D shortage is implicated as a factor needing to be addressed and corrected in most Chronic Degenerative Diseases. From heart disease to multiple sclerosis Vitamin D and over 400 of its known functions are vital to health, healing and immunity.

A little often is what we need. 10-20 minutes of midday sun that does not burn you. (Start with 10 minutes and work up) will start to perk up your blood levels of 25 Hydroxy D3 - the active from. However, if have kidney disease, a BMI greater than 30 or are on medication for depression, anxiety, digestive issues or hypertension - you may need 2-3 times more.

Supplemental Vitamin D3? A safe level to take of Vitamin D3 is 5000 - 10000 iu, per day. Children under 12 up to 4000 iu and those over 70 should take the upper limits. Toxic levels were set under dubious science over a century ago and now - the science is telling us that was just not good enough.

Want more current science like this? - Get the facts from our workshop -

The Pillars of Health and Happiness April 18 - 19th in Christchurch.

The Sun - its magic leaves us in awe.

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