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Pain and the hidden Gem

I have been diving deep into genetics since mid 2019. The science in this world changes almost daily and becoming current is a challenge at best. Especially since forty years ago in formal training we were still basically in the 18th century in this field..

Today we now understand what empirically we knew. Struggle makes you stronger and if you survive - benefit will be passed down to the next generation. When I was pressed to do something or get off the planet with terminal cancer - instinctively I went to the teaching of eight century Taoists who pontificated a plant based diet, exercise, meditation and tonification via herbs and outdoor adventures of extreme endurance. Today we call this "Lifestyle Medicine" and I have found my tribe.

The specific use of the modalities of lifestyle have exacting and yet to be completely understood effects on the expression of our genes. Inasmuch, they affect our resilience to the chronic degenerative diseases which kill 9 of 10 in the "modern world".

Every living organism for the last one billion years has had a survival gene set. It constantly evolves and works with the input our environment gives it. Yeast, bacteria, worm, hamster, Ape or Man/Women we all have it. It is why we age and why we live.

Early in our reproductive years we all sidestep for the most part things which kill us eventually. If we were to put and environmental death grip on our genes ability to protect us - it would be what we now call - "civilised modern urban society". No natural light, no movement, no food with fibre, high calorie, low nutrient, and always available; air conditioned and climate controlled environments. That is what allows all of those deadly diseases to kill. The science is almost compete on this hypothesis.

What to do?

You need to be uncomfortable some times,

push the limits of temperature - cold and hot.

Go without food occasionally


Exercise intensely and recover

Use the science - Eat Most Plants - Not to Much

Pain is subjective - but being a bit uncomfortable in these modern times is as easy as turning on the cold water at the end of the shower... Stay tuned we will get very specific about these gems of "epigentics" and how to turn on your Sirtuin genes 1-7!

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