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Harvests are coming-get into Plants

One of the best things about summer here in New Zealand is the abundance of fresh food that is just now peaking.

Just yesterday directly out of the garden, we had fresh corn, beets and carrots-Not to forget the cucumbers!

Check out that parsnip!

So obviously with fresh food available - then comes the next best thing of sharing a table and food with your family and neighbours.

These are complimentary lifestyle bonuses that just put a smile on the dial and add quality and comfort to the community.

Completing 18 hours of postgraduate education during the holidays, I learned that the three most common food deficiencies are, fruit, whole grains and nuts and seeds in that order. And remember, the number one cause of death on the planet is foodborne illness is from poor selection ( high Fat, Protein, Sugar and low fibre)

If you are in the northern hemisphere, depending on where you’re at - start looking at those tools in the garden shed and get ready! Put the seeds in the window and how about it?

In Great Health,

Patterson and his Stark Naked Reality

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