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Can a 3 Day Water Fast Change Your Life?

There is an explosion of scientific research going on with respect to what we eat and don't eat. This brings new information about just how incredible the human body is and its ability to heal. When we compare our 1-2 million year old genes against the last 80 years, we have never had this amount of food available - ever! Our genetic code can handle starvation, thrust, extreme heat, outrageous physical demands.... but it cannot handle three meals a day for decades - especially a high protein/ high fat/ low fibre diet.

Right now more people on the planet are dying of "over consumption", than under. The Chronic Degenerative Diseases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune disease and dementia are connected to over 90% of all doctors' visits and all cause mortality... and did I mention arthritis? Osteo and rheumatoid are both byproducts of our modern lifestyle.

So how can you break this cycle, and turn this train wreck around?

There are many ways to turn on our survival genes and thrive. The easiest is concerned with the quality of what we put in our mouth, how often we do it and how much we take in.

The next way to wake up our survival genes is to have exercise on our menu. Strong and consistent work outs that challenge the system, followed by a good recovery.

Sleep is hard to come by these days and by doing the two big ones mentioned above, a better quality sleep is helping to detox our body, amp up our immune system and clear our brain for critical thinking - decade after decade.

The number one way to quickly turn on our genetic super kit.... water fasting. There are multiple paths to fasting, however one of the most effective methods is a simple three day water fast, followed by three days of proper integration of correct foods back in to our life.

When you are supported you have a greater chance of easily getting through a water fast. Most feel almost normal with just a little loss of energy on the third day. Others note massive improvements in pain levels, skin quality, digestive issues disappearing and lastly for the first time the body has the ability to clean itself from the inside out. Thirty percent of your immune system will be replaced with new highly effective cells in just a few days. Your ability to control inflammation will be greatly improved and if you did not know this - inflammation is the root of all chronic degenerative diseases!

Take advantage of this offer to be guided through this life-changing event - sign up and join us - wherever you are in the world, you will learn a life long skill in this master class and be a part of a new community of friends who have achieved something very special in these challenging times.

Always here for questions.


The Master Class starts May 7th, 2020

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