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                              T. Colin Campbell, PhD    Micheal Greger, MD   Dean Ornish, MD

 I acknowledge my mentors with heartfelt gratitude for their lifetimes of contribution to mankind.

Lifestyle Medicine Stands on the Shoulders of Giants! 


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 What is a Stark Naked Reality? 

 STARK  devoid of clutter, obvious, emptiness, sunyata. 

 NAKED  -bare, without distraction, open, original.  

 REALITY  what is now, without interpretation, real.  


Health as a is an evidenced based science - without a monetary agenda

This is how the reality of nature works.



For 100 years - science has told us lifestyle is the root cause of chronic degenerative diseases regardless of your age - I am tired of watching people die of preventable and reversible illnesses. 

  • Heart attack and stroke kills one out of two – 80% preventable

  • Cancer kills one out of three - 50%preventable / modifiable 

  • Fatigue, depression and pain - 70% affected 

  • Obesity, diabetes and digestive disorders  70 % - toxic food poisoning  

  • Allergy, auto-immune disorders, arthritis and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimers and Parkinsons Disease - Lifestyle

  • 1 in 3 men are infertile 

  • 1 in 4 women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.

  • 50 percent have low libido (sex drive)

 Only you can change your health destiny. The length and quality of your life may ultimately depend on your personal health knowledge - not your doctors knowledge of disease!  


Change this paradigm and those "ripples" will alter the health of those around you. 

 Stark Naked Reality is the wake up call from

The Science of  Lifestyle Medicine. 


Part of the answer to a larger problem of chronic degenerative disease, which is linked to nine out of ten deaths.  Lifestyle integration will improve quality of life, performance, resistance to disease, help reverse disease, and manage serious chronic health problems most effectively when in tandem with standard medical practice.  In the last 40 years of clinical practice in this field I have seen nothing as powerful. 


Choosing to work in with our online focus group meetings,  on such topics as fasting, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases or individually when space allows.  If you did not know, group sessions are proving to be better than one on one doctors appointments in newly published research: diversity and connection!



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