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Welcome, I am  Patterson Stark and what my personal reality has taught me as a doctor and a patient, is that we as individuals have the greatest impact on our personal health.  Literally for me, this concept in the context of my life was lifesaving.  That is where "Stark Health" started.

I now promote that "real health care" is evidenced-based science - without a monetary agenda.


Our duration and quality of life depend on an individual understanding of healthy lifestyle actions and how to enable them to foster disease-prevention and reversal.  Today, nine out of ten people succumb to a chronic degenerative disease.  This is avoidable by using the science of Lifestyle Medicine to stop illness from stealing vitality.

'Stark Reality' dictates "nature cures"; it is innate, built into the DNA of every living being on the planet!  If nature cannot connect or is isolated from the living being, a myriad of illnesses will soon appear.


In this delicate balance of lifestyle,  each living thing is either moving towards or away from nature. Thus we are either moving towards its life-giving essence or away from it -  all will join together eventually.  Ashes to ashes, dust to stardust .... 


Plant-based foods from vital sunlight, physical activity, diverse soil, good sleep habits, and stimulating/sustaining relationships allow the correct environment for a healthy body and mind beyond the imaginable.  No matter where you are on your health journey - this awareness of connection is powerful. 

When your reality points to health as a real issue, it is a wake-up call.  At these times critical positive changes in behaviour can happen.   As I found out, personal challenge allows us to be more open to change - if we accept the challenge!

The Science of Lifestyle Medicine can provide the knowledge and understanding required to know which life habits are in need of modification.   The "Stark Protocol answers the void in medicines acumen - creating a formal record of scientific experimental observations - the Protocol carefully manages data from patients who undergo lifestyle changes, and the affects on health outcomes.  


In the last 40+ years of clinical practice, I have seen nothing as powerful as a patient changing behaviour to re-connect to the healing powers of the body with respect to chronic degenerative disease; its prevention, reversal or cure.   You need information contextual to you, support, and a community of health-oriented friends and family to make lasting changes for the better.


We welcome you to join our community, learning how and why to take action in the company of others who are also making this journey. 




Newly-published research has uncovered that group sessions, or "shared medical appointments" are proving to be more effective than one-on-one doctors' appointments in most circumstances.  Diversity with connection makes everything easier and fun!  Covid has pushed us to perfect this medium and it has improved our delivery of true health care.


Stark Workshops and Master Classes are very effective means to a healthy life where education, supportive community, and integration of what we are learning are successful. 

Here is a short video about our next Master Class - Fasting Just Got Easier!













STARK  HEALTH - Practical and Usable - since 1980

In Great Health,


Dr Patterson Stark, BSc, DC, FASLM, DipASLM, DipABAAHP

NB. Our online resources help  highly motivated clients from around the globe, 

Previous and current clients are for life (mine or yours, guaranteed!) 



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