T. Colin Campbell, PhD   Micheal Greger, MD   Dean Ornish, MD

 I acknowledge my mentors with heartfelt gratitude for their lifetimes of contribution to mankind.

Lifestyle Medicine Stands on the Shoulders of Giants! 


I humbly challenge you to be a hero and alter your health destiny.


The journey to identifying what heroic changes are needed is not that difficult. You need to be willing to follow the science, apply the lessons - it will greatly benefit you, your family and the planet.  We are all about connection and everyone wins when health abounds! 


By living in this time of human history, unfortunately you have a life threatening condition.  No one is immune to this pandemic; what is your strategy and what can you do to overcome, prevent or reverse this threat?


For 100 years - science has told us lifestyle is the root cause of chronic degenerative diseases regardless of your age.

  • Heart attack and stroke kills one out of two – preventable

  • Cancer kills one out of three - unnecessary

  • Fatigue, depression and pain - 70%, side-effects of lost vitality

  • Obesity, diabetes and digestive disorders  70 % - manipulated addictions 

  • Allergy, auto-immune disorders, arthritis and low libido 50%- symptoms

 Stark Health Centre is part of the answer to a larger problem of chronic degenerative disease, which is linked to nine out of ten deaths today.  Lifestyle integration can improve quality of life, performance, resistance to disease, the reversal of disease, and management of serious chronic health problems.  Dr Patterson Stark is one of handful of highly trained and accredited specialists in Australasia with well over 40 years of clinical practice in this field. 


Additionally, with"TeleMedicine",  clients from around the world work in with our online focus group meetings, thus more effectively using their local resources. 



The Chiropractic Profession is an advanced form of healing arts dating from the late 1800s in the USA. One could say by virtue of being a drugless form of health care, Chiropractors along with OsteopathsAcupuncturists and Herbalists have aways promoted Lifestyle as central to their respective disciplines. Today the body's innate intelligence is recognized as one of the most powerful influencers of health and disease.  Inasmuch, Chiropractors have found the proper structure of the body is a gateway to understanding where the stress and dysfunction are and how to unlock it.  To this end, a Chiropractic Physician is first trained as a primary health care doctor to diagnose and prescribe a proper treatment based on objective findings. When drugs or surgery are ruled out,  chiropractors use gentle hands-on modalities,  nutrition, exercise, and counselling aid all aspects of patients' lifestyles.   Lifestyle Medicine has embraced this holistic philosophy focusing directly on Chronic Degenerative Disease.

Founded in 2004, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) is the medical professional society for physicians and other professionals dedicated to clinical and worksite practice of Lifestyle Medicine as the foundation of a transformed and sustainable health care system. The practise involves the use of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, such as eating a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, getting regular physical activity, adequate sleep, managing stress, avoiding the use of risky substances, and pursuing other non-drug modalities, to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic disease.

Today Lifestyle Medicine is taught as part of the curricula at over 108 medical schools in the USA and there are international societies, colleges, and associations in over 18 countries and growing yearly. The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is the second-largest group worldwide and includes New Zealand. The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is the third largest.


Modifying your behaviour, use lifestyle as a medicine to : 

  1. Eat Well - mostly plants

  2. Move More - every 20 minutes

  3. Sleep Well - it's 1/3rd of your life

  4. Love More -  positive relationships and choice

  5. Stress Less -  take action to find happiness and avoid negativity


These are proven lifesaving concepts.  Doctors specialised in this area up to date with the latest methods to help you implement the correct behaviours at the right times in your life. 


The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance (LMGA) gives medical leadership and a world-wide strategy via international chapters.   The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises Lifestyle Medicine and the LMGA as the answer to  "non-communicable disease"  and looks to our organisations as the experts on the global "Syndemic" of Lifestyle and Chronic Degenerative Diseases



Standard Medical practice is not educated in behaviour change and thus -  can never provide enough drugs, surgeries, or procedures to turn back the Tsunami of Chronic Disease we are currently in. 


Lifestyle as Medicine yields superior clinical results. According to Dr Dean Ornish,  MD. it is paid for by insurance and national health in the USA, saving six dollars for every one invested.  Lifestyle interventional programs achieve over 85-90% success rate in maintaining lifestyle and health-promoting habits in one year. This high retention and success rates are due in large part to Lifestyle Medicines focus on behaviour as the driving force towards or away from chronic degenerative disease.




Medical practice today promotes the articulate diagnosis and treatment of disease as it occurs, thus remaining "symptom-based" with medication and surgical intervention the expected norm. Standard medical care admits it struggles to deal with patients who have a chronic disease and it is bankrupting the modern world's economies. 



My name is Dr Patterson Stark, D.C., FASLM, I am a U.S.-trained Chiropractic Physician and a double board certified Health Practitioner in Lifestyle and Anti-Aging Medicine, additionally a  Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM) 


My life is dedicated to the wellbeing of others. 


As a 30 year "terminal" cancer survivor, I bring a personal "patient-perspective" to all that I do - I have an intimate understanding of the power of lifestyle to overcome disease.



Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based science is a logical and complementary choice to the Medical and Chiropractic professions.  


Radically, we promote positive lifestyle behaviours:

  •      a whole food plant-based diet, 

  •      regular specific exercise,

  •      mind-based stress reduction and sleep hygiene

  •      positive psychology, motivation, and support


YOU can dramatically affect pain and suffering, enhancing healing and in many cases reverse disease when learning to treat the cause.  More effective management of chronic degenerative illness has not been found. 




"Chronic degenerative diseases are affecting every aspect of how we live as people, societies, countries, and planet." Professor Boyd Swinburn, PhD. The University of Auckland has called it  "The Global Syndemic of our time".  (The Lancet Commission Jan. 2019)




The science is clear - when you suffer from symptoms of a chronic degenerative disease your lifestyle is involved - you need to discover what to do to help yourself.

Be of benefit to yourself, family, and community.



 Now is the time. 


We  Makle Lifestyle Medicine Breakthroughs Practical and Usable,

 So You Don't Have To! 

Since 2004


In Great Health,


Dr Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM

 To regain your health, stay healthy, or reverse a disease - Science has discovered  how to turn it on.
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