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May 28th 3 Day Water Fast - is a hit - Join us!

People are getting it!

The sign ups are coming in and this looks to be our best Workshop yet. If you have not done so.... please sign up NOW and get your spot for this coming Thursday's kick off.

The Water Fast is one of  the most important gateway tools to personal health you can know.  

With just a six session Master Class, learn all about how to do a safe and life affirming  3 day water fast plus what context fasting has in our lives and future in these uncertain times.

You will learn:

  • How to correctly end a water fast

  • How it "re-boots" your immune system

  • When not to fast

  • Gain greater confidence and understanding of your relationship with food including how to overcome fears of what to eat 

  • When is the best time to eat

  • How often should you fast?

All this in a supportive and fun ZOOM educational environment.  

Go to the "Plans and Pricing" part of the website to learn more and sign up

In Great Health,

Patterson Stark, DC, FASLM

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