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Updated: Mar 2

Medically supervised, I expect your energy to be boosted, lose weight if you need to,

sharpen your immunity, and reverse, cure or prevent chronic degenerative diseases which are more than likely lurking in your body right now. Just like my name… STARK, it is this simple.

A water fast of just 3 days, or a Whole Foods Fasting-Mimicking Diet of just 5 days, will reboot your entire system. Slowing your digestive tract, fasting will help to restore

the biome. This is the first step in stopping systemic inflammation and rebooting the

immune system with a new generation of stem cells, in addition to starting sustainable weight loss.

You can do this on your own with a personal but supervised video support, or with our quarterly group experience; this is fun, engaging and life-changing - read our blogs to validate. We are genetically programmed for protecting our cells plus healing naturally when we have low or no calories.

Ask yourself; when was the last time you missed one meal, let alone 8 meals? When was the last time you under-ate for a week? The answer is never, for most.

For the first time in human history, we have had a very abundant food environment over this last century, and especially the last 40 years. Calorie intake has doubled in the last century and nutrient content of food has conservatively fallen by 60-70%. Chronic Degenerative Disease (CDD) accounts for 90% of all illness and death today.

Despite science of the highest calibre saying otherwise, fasting has been overlooked as a healing tool and something that greatly aids medical therapy. This is due to the facts doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry seeing no economic benefit to its endorsement.

If you are motivated to change your health destiny these tools are primary, mandatory and essential for you. The “Stark Protocol” combines the art of fasting with the stabilisation of those results returning to a whole foods plant based diet.

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