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A Beacon of Hope - The Early Bird Discount is a hit - get the message out and engage your health.

You can give your family and friends the gift of knowledge and experience when they do our November 16th, - 22nd Master Class on all aspects of recovery from chronic degenerative diseases and how fasting, health, immunity work together for you.

  • Everyone will be medically cleared to make sure they are doing the right fast and have a baseline of health that is suitable. If not appropriate - funds will be refunded immediately.

  • Learn what happens to your body without food or with very low calories

  • Feel what it is like to go without food and how simple it is when 30-50 others are doing it also!

  • Master a 3-day water only fast and the 3 day reboot diet with confidence or choose the WF - FMD

  • Master the 5-day whole foods fasting mimicking diet (WF-FMD) on 700-1000 calories per day that trick your genes into hyper protection of your immune system

  • Feel the boost of new stem cells that rejuvenate and bring a new mental clarity with natural mood elevation

Get your groups together and shut down the future of ill health with a new strategy for life long spectacular possibilities.

Our Fasting Community continues to grow over the last three years and results are spoken by our members themselves.

As one of our Alumni said, after three years of a mostly plant based diet in conjunction with regular fasting in his lifestyle:

"Had no idea my life is going to head in this direction. Can't thank you enough for taking me under your wing. I completely owe my continued life to you… I wouldn't well and truly been underground by now."

Sign up now.

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